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Sports Ring
The Amphibia Sports Ring is now available in specialist sports stores nationwide.  Yet another unique product from Amphibia, the Sports Ring allows you to wear your ring during sporting activities, without worrying about loss or damage. Retailing here for just €8 / £6 including postage & packing it's a small price to pay to protect such a valuable item.

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Sports Ring – ring protector, ring safe, swim ring
Sports Ring – swimming ring
Sports Ring – sports ring
Sports Ring
Sports Ring
The Amphibia Sports Ring helps to protect your ring on your finger during sport and other activities.  Rather than taking your ring off and potentially losing or damaging it you can keep it on with added security. The Sports Ring is a stretchy silicone ring that wraps around your ring leaving it secure and sheltered on your finger. No need to take off your ring, or wrap sticky tape around it. You can keep the ring where you can see it and it wont effect your performance as it is guarded by your Sports Ring. Our new uniquely designed ring 'flaps' help to secure the ring on your finger and restrict movement.  The stretchiness of the silicone also means 1 size fits a wide range of finger and ring sizes.  Perfect for a wide variety of sports and other activities... never have to take your ring off again!

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